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AgencyMat is a leading Node.js development company in India. Our seasoned team of creative and enthusiastic developers has adequate knowledge of advanced technologies and can deliver high-performing real-time web applications.

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    Full Stack Web Solution Using Node.js To Stay Ahead In The Competitive Era.

    Hire Node.js developers and leverage the optimum potential of the Node.Js framework to create secured, fast and scalable web apps. Begin With Risk- Free Trial

    In the era of cut-throat competition, having a subpar website or web app could become the reason for your downfall. Therefore, we bring you world-class Node.js development services and keep you one step ahead with all the latest technologies and frameworks.

    We are leading Node.js development company in India. We believe that the combination of innovative ideas and current technology has enough potential to bring change and make life easier for the respective users. The latest technology has the power to uplift your business like never before. Node.js is one such runtime environment which is used to develop cross-platform web apps.

    Our Node.js developers thoroughly understand your project. After that, they dig deep into understanding application architecture and the technologies needed to build it. At AgencyMat, you get profound Node.js developers who help you in delivering fast and scalable web apps.

    We are capable of delivering projects on time. From small-scale projects to the applications like instant messenger, live audio-video streaming apps, complex single-page applications, or real-time apps, our dedicated team of Node.js developers thrive on delivering practical, event-driven, and customer-centric applications with high-quality features and functionalities.

    If you are looking to upgrade or migrate your Node.js application or want to utilise the excellent features of Node.js development, then you have landed on the right page. At AgencyMat, we have covered all the corners. Here, you’ll get state-of-art expertise and programmers with sound knowledge of the latest technologies.

    We have vast experience in providing IT services. That made us capable of providing top-notch IT services using modern approaches to uplift your business’s standard and achieve high-end results without any flaws. Our profound Node.js developers appear to be multi-talented who can work both on server-side and client-side requirements.

    As a leading Node.js development company, our prime focus is to develop full-fledged web applications that can quickly hit the market and achieve astonishing results in quick time. Therefore, hire Node.Js developers to understand the current tech-market and fulfill your business needs rightly.

    We offer Node Js serverless framework app development, Enterprise backend development, Rest API Development, Real-time Node.js Development, Custom Dashboard Development, Progressive Web Application, Migration & Integration services.

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    Why Hiring Dedicated Developers From AgencyMat Is A Better Choice?

    In the span of two weeks, you will get to know and review our work policies and operational structure for the project development.

    You get the chance to hire profound developers from our in-house team. They will be at your service for eight hours a day, and five days a week of course!

    We are professionals and we do work professionally to match your deadline, we can carry out extra hours if needed and do not complain over working on weekends.

    You will be assigned a project manager who will be associated with you throughout the project development cycle to take care of the quality standard.

    A chance to build a strong relationship with the clients should not be missed. Hence, we have CSMs to understand your requirements and expectation from us.

    Data security is the key to launch the product greatly later. We guarantee to keep all the document secured and do not share it with a third-party without your permission.

    • Detailed Consultation to observe the development structure, significant objectives and your internal communication.
    • Tech Expertise to make you aware of the frameworks which are the industry-best.
    • Speedy & Clear Communication through modern ways of communication channels such as Skype, Slack, & Google Hangout.
    • Stringent quality policy that includes routine performance assessment and code quality review, make no mistake!
    • 24 x 7 effective communicationto report about your project’s development and where it is heading towards.
    • High-Quality Benchmark has earned through security and IP rights protections with an enterprise-grade firewall.
    • Low employee turnover rate due to excellent training and development practices.
    • Talent of the Highest Degree with in-depth technical knowledge to accomplish your project with the right approaches.
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    Software Development Case Studies

    We are the fastest-growing IT outsourcing firm in India. Our straight-to-art- technology has helped us bring evolution in providing preferable digital solutions since we have decided to change the dynamics of software development services.

    case study

    Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement. Users just have to mention their

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


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    case study

    Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users’ reports as well as company’s progress.

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


    View Case Study
    case study

    Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


    View Case Study

    Seasoned Node.Js Developer For Hire

    AgencyMat is the fastest-growing IT firm, currently, working for the world’s leading businesses. We offer excellent Node.js development services and help clients build user-centric and robust applications. Our dedicated Node.js developers display immense temperament and accomplish full-stack Node.js development in tight deadlines.

    System Architecture Design

    Hire Node.js development team from AgencyMat and get guaranteed end-results. Our programmers have sound knowledge, vast experience, and multiple projects under their belts.

    API Integration And Development

    Our dedicated team of Node.js developers has an excellent grip over developing high-performing, scalable, and responsive back-end solutions for the entrepreneur and multi-scale businesses.

    Node.js Plugin Development

    Leverage the touch of our experienced Node.js development team to revamp your web apps’ functionalities and integrate exciting features along with a flawless user experience.

    Serverless Node.Js Microservice

    We have the right blend of Node.js and AWS microservices that allow us to develop feature-rich applications that are fully operational and faster in development and deployment as well.

    Real-Time Chat Applications

    Hire Node.js development team from us to create large-scale, real-time, robust, full-service web and desktop-based solutions in accordance with Socket.Io, Mongoose, and Express.

    Nodejs Application Migration

    Get the best use of our state-of-the-art technology in migrating your current application flawlessly from PHP, Java, .Net, or any other framework to Node.js.

    Portal Development

    AgencyMat is a one-stop solution for all your Node.js development. Hire professional Node.js developers to create customizable web portals to increase efficiency and boost collaboration.

    Node.Js Consulting

    AgencyMat offers top-notch Node.js consulting and review services to match the requirement of comprehensive architecture analysis, code review, and assessment development process.

    Ajax Development

    At AgencyMat, you get highly skilled Node.js developers capable of offering various Ajax web development and technologies like CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, and XML HTTP requests.

    Hire Node JS Developer with us & join 3000+ companies that have already saved 70%

    Hire Full-stack Node.Js Developer

    Hire Developer

    We offer end-to-end software development services along with proven expertise in Node.js!

    At AgencyMat, we have a profound team of Node.js programmers who have mastered the art of using advanced front and back end technologies like Node.js + Angular, Node.js + ReactJs, Node.js + Typescript. We are specialised in building scalable web architecture, flexible apps, and long-lasting customer-client relations as well. We help our clients grow their product and earn maximum ROI.

    The prime highlight of the Node.js development framework is its event-driven model. This makes Node.js super-efficient and lightweight which is perfectly suitable for developing real-time apps that can function across multiple platforms.

    Node.js development at AgencyMat could be your one-stop solution if you are interested in developing a real-time streaming video app. Node.js provides event-driven programming to the web server, allowing fast development of web servers in JavaScript.

    Arrange Node.js Developer

    Hire Dedicated Node.Js Developer As Per Your Requirement

    Organise A Developer Interview and Opt For The 15 Days of Risk- Free Trial.

    Hire a dedicated team of AgencyMat and get excellent tech-based services for uplifting your businesses. Our ever-enthusiastic and flexible team of Node.js developers will be on its toe right from the start until completing the entire project.

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      Overall cost saving with AgencyMat was greater than $70,000/year

      Redefine Your Business With Node.js App Development Services

      We are veterans of the latest back-end technology, i,e—Node.js development. As a leading Node.js development company, we deliver IT solutions that are scalable, high performing, customer-centric, and result-oriented.

      Hire Full-Stack Node.js Developer

      In order to develop cross-platform, scalable, and high-performance web app development, you need to hire a full-stack Node.js developer who can integrate Node.js with app development. Our qualified Node.js developers offer user-centric services including Node.js development, plugin, API development, and many more to clients across the globe.

      Our expert Node.js programmers optimize the need for the latest technologies and craft scalable, secured, and responsive real-time web and mobile apps. Whether you need to upgrade your existing app or migrate it to another platform, our dedicated Node.js team operates smoothly and hassle-free.

      Node.js developers at AgencyMat, are proficient in developing both client and server-side applications. Appoint our dedicated developers who can build an interactive user interface and business-oriented applications.

      Hire Node.Js Developer

      Choose Profound Developers From AgencyMat

      Node.Js has a firm grip on the current position in the web development frameworks. Node.js development is one of the most accepted and reliable frameworks as it delivers excellent performance by creating real-time applications. It is an open-source, cross-platform development environment used to create high-performing web applications.

      At AgencyMat, you will get versatile developers who have a minimum experience of 4 years. We rightly choose developers who have enough skills to perform in pressured situations and who are capable of delivering their respective works in given deadlines.

      Our seasoned computer programmers have been in full-throttle right from the beginning. They have hundreds of proven development under their belt and still hungry for more. Hire dedicated Node.js developers from AgencyMat to empower your business.

      Hire Dedicated Node.js Team

      Node.Js Team Augmentation Model

      If you are looking to add more Node.js developers into your team as per the evolving project requirement, then AgencyMat could be your one-stop solution. Even if you want to hire a single developer or a team of dynamic Node.js developers, our Node.js team hiring model is way more flexible to meet your requirements. We understand your business and let you outsource seasoned Node.js developers from us.

      Before hiring a Node.js developer into your existing team, we let you take as many interviews as you want so that you can select the developer of your choice. Once you are satisfied with your selection and give us a thumbs-up, our dedicated developers will be available for you as a reliable resource working from our center Once you hire a Node.js programmer, you have complete authority to manage him/her directly

      Node.js Hiring Model

      Boost Your Back-end Engine with Node.js Development Team

      NodeJS is a non-blockingI/O model based on Google V8 JavaScript runtime ideal for developing quick, adaptable, and superior applications. The most ideal approach to please and astound your clients is to utilise Node.js development structures for your application.

      Node.js performs multiple times quicker on the customer side and less asset requesting on the server-side. Node.JS is broadly utilised and generally received by the world’s first-class brands, for example, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, and Dow Jones, and so on.

      It doesn’t make a difference in how engaging your front end is, without a successful back-end, it is an obvious disappointment. An intuitive and arising front-end UI isn’t sufficient; you need fantastic back-end functionalities to carry out the servers.

      Node.Js For Back-end

      Maintenance and Support Post Development

      Our ever-reliable team of support & maintenance has managed to acquire immense expertise in maintaining Node.js software apps. We not only support our client during the development cycle but also keep continuing our support post-development.

      Hire a dedicated Node.js development team from AgencyMat for developing scalable, fast, and secure web applications along with interactive user-interface. Contact us to get the information about the support & maintenance package post-development.

      Support & Maintenance

      Hire Dedicated Development Team From India

      Software programmers at AgencyMat help you maximise the utilisation of the latest technologies and frameworks, leading you to generate secure, responsive, fast, and scalable web-based applications. Our expert developers can craft custom solutions as per your needs. At AgencyMat, our developers have mastered the roadmap by developing desktop apps, social apps, real-time apps, web-portals, CMS, chatting apps, and many more.

      Massive Cost Saving

      It would be beneficial for the client to outsource Node.js development to AgencyMat. This way, you can save big money during the project development and get a high return on investment from the project.

      Largest Talent Pool

      We have industry-specialist who have a proven track record of delivering high-end applications for businesses and clients across the globe. We have a multi-skilled team of software developers.

      Time Zone Advantage

      Our software services have reached across the globe. We are flexible enough to work according to your time zone. We can adjust our working hours in order to match the tight deadlines.

      High-quality development

      We never compromise with quality. Since information and technology flow parallelly, we ensure data security and build applications, which are the best examples of utilisation of excellent technologies and tools.

      Increase Productivity

      With AgencyMat, you will get multiple developers working on your project, which will help you accomplish the project in less time. This would result in less market time to reach for your application or service.

      Hassle-Free Project Management

      We have undergone many complex projects since the establishment. With AgencyMat, our clients remain fully conscious and relaxed throughout the entire development cycle. Our experienced PM works thoroughly on your project.

      Hiring Models We Offer

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Options | Monthly Billing Cycle | Large-scale Projects


      Team Selection Screening

      • Hire software developers that match your project requirements
      • Communicate with our software developers
      • Choose engagement model as per your convenience

      App Development

      • Carry out detailed discussion about your project with the developers & prepare project design
      • Receive timely project updates
      • Communicate with the project manager through Skype, calls & emails

      App Release

      • The flexible way to develop a feature-rich application
      • Generate first time right code
      • Deploy the application

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Channels | Monthly Billing | Large-scale Projects


      Project Details

      • Technical documents prepared
      • Fixed project deadline
      • Fixed project cost

      Agile Approach

      • Quick development process
      • Excellent agility
      • Streamlined process

      Project Timeline

      • High-end quality
      • Long-lasting commitment
      • Cost-effective

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Channels | Monthly Billing | Large-scale Projects


      Additional Team

      • In-depth technology knowledge
      • High-quality development practices
      • Niche-specific development

      Onsite Team

      • Onside projects requires reviews
      • Business objective evaluation
      • Performance analysis

      Managed Team

      • Transparency & authorization
      • On-demand visits
      • Online dedicated team recruitment

      6 Steps to Hire Our Proficient NodeJS Programmer

      Provide all your project details such as time, budget, features, and functionalities to us, and we will choose the best-in-class team of Node.js developers to accomplish your project effectively.


      Our Approach to Software Consultancy

      As a leading software development company in India, we put maximum effort into crafting result-oriented digital solutions.

      Top IT Talent

      AgencyMat is the fastest-growing IT company, having a team of dynamic web/mobile app developers and UX/UI designers.

      Time Zone Aligned

      Our software services have reached across the globe. We are flexible enough to work according to your time zone.

      Experienced Team

      We have qualified developers, designers, QA, PM, analytic experts with each one having a minimum of 4 years of experience in IT.

      What Our Client Says

      Hear what our clients have to say about choosing us for their digital requirements.


      Founder & CEO @ Samata Health


      Founder @ SMA Marketing

      Trusted by these brands

      Some of the world's leading brands have brought us their ideas—and we've turned them into amazing mobile and web applications. We earned their trust, and we welcome the opportunity to earn yours.

      Frequntly Asked Questions

      What steps should one follow to Hire a Node.js Developers team?

      In order to hire a professional team of Node.js developers, you just need to check whether all the members have the following vital skills or not.

      • A developer must need to have at least three years of experience, especially in Node.js development.
      • He/she must have a good understanding of front-end technologies.
      • Should have good knowledge of Node.js framework in the first place
      • Must have proficiency in RESTful APIs and API Communication
      • The team must have a good understanding of Asynchronous programmings and its workarounds
      • Working knowledge in user authentication and authorization
      • He/she can write efficient code.
      • Should have experience in implementing data protection
      • Excellent error handling skills

      If you find all the skills mentioned above in the developer, you can easily trust him/her for your Node.js development.

      Can I hire a Node JS programmer for hourly based tasks or small projects?

      Yes, of course! Sometimes it is better to appoint Node.js developers on an hourly basis. There are a few other options that you can choose along, which are; hire node.js developers on a part-time and full-time basis as well. However, hiring Node.js developers for hourly or for the small task will help you complete the entire project quickly, and most importantly, you can set the time slot as per your need.

      How much does it cost to hire a Node.js Developer?

      As we notice this question, we would see that the problem also leads to the other question and that is how much money do developers make in a year. We know that the hiring model is already classified into three models: Part-time, full-time, and hourly. Now, the companies have different pricing models, but if we have to give a number, one will accept that a node.js developer makes $111,000 in one year. An hourly basis would cost you around $20-$40.

      Will the hired node js experts work only for me?

      When you have full-time Node.js developers, they indeed work only for your organisation as your permanent employees. But, if they are project-based or hourly based then, they have the freedom to work anywhere else; however, you will have their complete attention in your given slot. You can also trust them on not disclosing your project to any out-sider.

      Is Node.js secure?

      Yes, you can count on Node.js development in the security context; there are two primary reasons for that, first; it is a JavaScript runtime framework built on Chrome’sV8 JavaScript engine, and second, it has some of the most robust and advanced security features.

      Why should you hire Node.js developers from AgencyMat?

      AgencyMat is a leading IT firm in India. With proven expertise and hundreds of projects under our belt, we make sure we are on the right track. Our Node.js developers are skilled in each department. Having years of experience and adequate knowledge is the key factor that we have massive trust in them to deliver the expected end-result.

      With the help of Node Node.js what kind of solution we can create?

      With Node.js, you can create the following applications;

      • Internet of things
      • Real-time chats
      • Real-time collaboration
      • Microservice architecture

      What are the key skills that Node.js developers must have?

      We hire seasoned Node.js developers with at least three years of experience in Node.js development. The developer should have enough projects under his/her name. Most importantly, we check if the developer has the following skills or not;

      • At least three years of experience
      • Good understanding of front-end technology
      • Must have proficiency in RESTful APIs and API Communication
      • The team must have a good understanding of Asynchronous programmings and its workarounds
      • Working knowledge in user authentication and authorizartion
      • He/she can write efficient code.
      • Should have experience in implementing data protection
      • Excellent error handling skills

      Can you just brief us about how your Node.js developers develop the app?

      Every company has a standard set of rules and goals. However, understanding the whole project could take time, but we can describe some of the primary steps that we follow, which are:

      • Prerequisites
      • Express and React Native project set-up
      • Code express server routes, create routes, test server setup.
      • Connect React Native to Express Server.
      • Navigation & Homescreen.js
      • Add FairRestdb API Calls to Server
      • Sign Up for a Free Account on RapidAPI
      • Test The Application

      Can you sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my project?

      Yes. You can trust us for the complete transparency and client-customer relationship. We do sign a Non-disclosure agreement before initiating with the development. We are fully committed to reaching out to our client’s requirements and delivering successful outcomes.

      Will you work according to my time zone preference for my Node.js project?

      We are delighted to work with you at your given time. You can hire dedicated Node.js developers from us who are able to work according to your time zone. We meet tight deadlines and achieve milestones by offering top-notch Node.Js development services.

      How will you manage code in my Node.js project?

      At AgencyMat, we use Github and BItBucket for source code management and version control. Our Node.js developers regularly push code so that you can review commits and manage them easily.

      What project management tools do you Node.js developers use to communicate?

      Our Node.js developers are highly skilled and always show professionalism in knowing industry-standard project management tools like:

      • Jira
      • Trello
      • Pivotal
      • Tracker
      • Asana, and many more.

      These platforms allow you to track developers’ productivity, review the work, create new tasks or assign the work, etc.

      How to develop a NodeJs application?

      To develop the robust Node js application, you can start with the steps mentioned below;

      • Start with the app idea, brainstorm the picture with all the necessary details.
      • Conduct thorough research on the actual demographic.
      • Assess the behaviour pattern and goals of your buyers
      • Document and wireframe the app
      • Create an excellent design followed by a flawless user experience (UX)
      • Develop the app and install core functionalities and features
      • Add third-party modules into the app.
      • Test the application
      • Release the application

      Is Node.js frontend or backend?

      Node.Js is an extremely reliable runtime environment built on the V8 JavaScript engine for Chrome. It is lightweight and capable of optimizing JavaScript on both backend and frontend development.

      What should I do if I have an existing app and would like to upgrade/fix it in Node.js?

      Be absolutely secure and worry less even if you need to upgrade or fix your existing app. Once you share your current app’s codebases, we will be taking care of the maintenance and support. We would also support you in terms of bug fixing and app enhancement using Node.js.

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