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Hire AI/ML developers from AgencyMat to automate your business and optimize internal business processes by developing and deploying smart AI and ML solutions. We provide a dedicated AI/ML development team to help you reshape your business and explore more market opportunities.

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    Finding the right Artificial Intelligence development company is always a challenging task. The reason being the unavailability of quality Artificial Intelligence and machine learning developers who can build innovative applications based on AI technologies.

    AgencyMat is a leading AI/ML development company. With our premium AI and Machine learning services, you can avail personalised customer experience and automate your business’s internal process to attract more customers and increase your product sale. Our AI/ML solutions offer a business model that effectively serves your specific requirements.

    AgencyMat helps you empower your business by reducing labour and infrastructure cost. With our AI and ML consultancy, we strive to help you improve your customer experience which results in increasing business growth in the marketplace. Since AI/ML technologies are transforming automation systems at a rapid pace, it is the right time to hire AI/ML developers for developing intelligent solutions for your business needs.

    We help enterprises develop AI solutions and data-driven products in the requested time. We deliver complex AI/ML projects in the set time frame by using premium development services such as deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. Hire Machine Learning developers on an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis from us to reduce operational cost.

    We have a talented team of artificial intelligence and machine learning developers who are proficient in providing AI-based solutions and follow a unique approach to build customized ML solutions that would help you streamline your business workflow. AI/ML solutions delivered by AgencyMat helps you improve your ROI and business productivity.

    Hire AI/ML developers from AgencyMat to reshape your business and avail maximum benefits. Implement complex AI-based designs and algorithms with the help of our seasoned AI/ML developers. Start building an intelligent system using AI/ML technologies for your business today.

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    Why Hiring Dedicated Developers From AgencyMat Is A Better Choice?

    In the span of two weeks, you will get to know and review our work policies and operational structure for the project development.

    You get the chance to hire profound developers from our in-house team. They will be at your service for eight hours a day, and five days a week of course!

    We are professionals and we do work professionally to match your deadline, we can carry out extra hours if needed and do not complain over working on weekends.

    You will be assigned a project manager who will be associated with you throughout the project development cycle to take care of the quality standard.

    A chance to build a strong relationship with the clients should not be missed. Hence, we have CSMs to understand your requirements and expectation from us.

    Data security is the key to launch the product greatly later. We guarantee to keep all the document secured and do not share it with a third-party without your permission.

    • Detailed Consultation to observe the development structure, significant objectives and your internal communication.
    • Tech Expertise to make you aware of the frameworks which are the industry-best.
    • Speedy & Clear Communication through modern ways of communication channels such as Skype, Slack, & Google Hangout.
    • Stringent quality policy that includes routine performance assessment and code quality review, make no mistake!
    • 24 x 7 effective communicationto report about your project’s development and where it is heading towards.
    • High-Quality Benchmark has earned through security and IP rights protections with an enterprise-grade firewall.
    • Low employee turnover rate due to excellent training and development practices.
    • Talent of the Highest Degree with in-depth technical knowledge to accomplish your project with the right approaches.
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    Try out a 15 days risk-free trial period at AgencyMat for your software development services. This would be sufficient time to analyze our workflow and communication which could lead us to connect with each other professionally.


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    Software Development Case Studies

    We are the fastest-growing IT outsourcing firm in India. Our straight-to-art- technology has helped us bring evolution in providing preferable digital solutions since we have decided to change the dynamics of software development services.

    case study

    Samata Health is a platform for mental health. The application is designed for both therapists and people looking for their consultation. Made for a great cause, the application has built a community of therapists, connecting users to the nearest therapist in just a few steps . Users just have to mention their preference and book a consultation from a tailored list of therapists that suits their requirement. Users just have to mention their

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


    View Case Study
    case study

    Mynd matters is a book publishing platform that turns people’s book publishing dream to reality. The app comprises three steps: providing users 30 minute clarity sessions, sending them a well-suited publishing plan and at last publishing their book. It is as easy as it sounds. We catered them the exact platform they needed; one that helped them manage their users’ reports as well as company’s progress.

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


    View Case Study
    case study

    Kamopi software system connects brand representatives to influencers that suit their brand requirements. This web portal allows influencers to build a stronger looking profile and increase their online presence. On the other hand the brand owners get the ease of hiring content creators that help them create awareness about their product.

    • Built for

      Web & Mobile

    • Technologies


    • Industry


    View Case Study

    AI/ML Development Services To Deliver Advanced Digital Experience

    Our AI/ML services are highly appreciated in the diverse industries due to our reputation and excellency in offering enterprise-grade and result-driven AI/ML solutions. As a leading AI/ML development company, we thrive to build sophisticated and feature-rich AI/ML solutions that match all your business requirements.

    Recommendation Systems

    AgencyMat offers industry-best AI/ML development services for clients across the globe. Our dedicated team of AI/ML experts deliver AI solutions such as recommendation systems that would encourage users to purchase products they intended to buy based on their past purchases and viewing mannerism.

    AI-Powered Chatbots

    Reduce manpower and investment needed to enhance your customer service by developing intelligent chatbots for your business website. Hire Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence developers to create friendly chatbots which would be a perfect replacement for human need and can work as effectively as humans do.

    AI Based User Behaviour Analysis

    Our experienced AI/ML developers provide top-notch machine learning development services that include creating analysis tools to help you comprehend your user’s thoughts, their requirements, and what exactly they are looking for. This way you can convert website visitors into your potential customers.

    Artificial Neural Networks

    AgencyMat is a renowned software development company. Our expert Machine Learning developers help you develop neural network-based AI solutions that would perform their own assigned tasks. During the process, You will not need any intervention from the human side or any regular attention is required as well.

    AI Process Automation

    Hire Machine Learning developers from AgencyMat to get your problem solved regarding AI solutions. Our expert AI/ML developers help you build solutions and tools that streamline and enhance your supply chain management, sales pipeline, and important financial operations.

    Advanced Business Analytics

    Our AI/ML developers have extensive experience in delivering robust AI solutions. We follow state-of-the-art methodology to build scalable tools to help you get the information you need. Our solutions will help you analyze information in a detailed manner so that you can make precise decisions by eliminating potential risk.

    Dedicated AI/ML Programmers

    We live in a technical era, and building an intelligent tool is a must now. Hire Machine Learning developers from AgencyMat to upscale your machine learning capabilities. Our expert developers will help you build robust, scalable, secure, and feature -rich AI solutions.

    Image Processing

    We have a pool of expertise in Machine Learning development service. Our Machine Learning engineers enable machines to perform text translation processes smoothly by implementing neural networks into their environment.

    Data Mining

    At AgencyMat, you get highly skilled AI/ML developers who are proficient in extracting information and transforming it into a feasible and comprehensive model which can be helpful to your business in real-time scenarios.

    Hire AI/ML Developer with us & join 3000+ companies that have already saved 70%

    Hire Full-stack AI/ML Developer

    Hire Developer

    Automate and Accelerate Your Business Journey With AI/ML Solutions

    AgencyMat offers the best AI engineers with the required abilities and in-depth knowledge to complete your AI development team. Our AI engineers have mastery in understanding the customer prerequisite to help the AI improvement process.

    Hire AI/ML designers who are experienced in AI Chatbot advancement, speech, and natural language processing, computer vision, profound learning, and neural network creation, and so on. Our prime objective is to offer inventive, custom fitted and adaptable AI/ML development services concerning customer necessity.

    Our expert team of AI and ML developers ensures to transform your dream business into reality. If you are looking for someone who can build scalable and powerful AI/ML solutions, AgencyMat could be your one-stop solution. Hire AI/ML developers from us to create AI/ML-based business solutions.

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    Hire a dedicated team of AgencyMat and get excellent tech-based services for uplifting your businesses. Our ever-enthusiastic and flexible team of AI/ML developers will be on its toe right from the start until completing the entire project.

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      Overall cost saving with AgencyMat was greater than $70,000/year

      Redefine Future of Your Business With Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

      With our AI/ML development services, you can avail personalized customer experience by implementing automated processes for your business’s internal tasks. Hire AI/ML experts from us to develop a premium AI-based model for your business and start generating maximum revenue.

      Hire AI/ML Developer

      Hire the finest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence development company at affordable prices. AgencyMat offers a dedicated and experienced team of Machine learning programmers, coders, designers, testers, project managers, architects, and consultants who can work on your project remotely.

      We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality AI/ML solutions to small-mid sized businesses, agencies, and start-ups across the globe. We have a flexible hiring model so that you can hire AI/ML developers on full-time, part-time or hourly basis at an affordable rate.

      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the prominent technologies to reshape your business and maximize profits. In order to leverage maximum benefits of AI and ML, you can hire AI/ML developers from AgencyMat who will help you enhance opportunities for your business.

      Hire AI/ML Developer

      Top AI Benefits for Your Business

      With Artificial Intelligence, you can accelerate the slow business process using AI automation which would help you save time and other resources. AI for business is the most preferred language as it improves business efficiency, productivity and quality. Besides, it helps improve customer experience through AI-based customer service.

      When you use AI development for your business, you can easily focus on the targeted market of your product to increase users engagement and product sales. AI enables you to make result-driven decisions which would provide your business a competitive edge against your rival companies.

      There are many opportunities that come in your way while you’re driving a business, but due to some limitations, you cannot take them. However, Artificial Intelligence helps you explore and implement new business ideas. It also helps generate maximum ROI and reduces operational cost.

      Hire Artificial Intelligent Developer

      Reasons to Hire Machine Learning Developers

      We live in an information-based era and nowadays, every commercial and social activity has shifted to a knowledge-based activity. Due to the huge volume of data, every business has to go through the complex processes to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace. The real-time data, enterprise competitiveness, and the latest technologies has changed the dynamics of modern life.

      In order to understand human behaviour, past data, future technology trends, you require something that performs and processes beyond the human brain. You will require a powerful system that is capable of handling more than a human mind can manage in limited time. One requires the power of machines to review complex business processes.

      Machine learning specialists use various data mining strategies to analyze the complex data to transform it into useful information at affordable rates. Machine learning is fast & cheap, has better marketing strategy, and increases competitive edge and ROI. That’s why it is the most preferred language used for data processing.

      Hire ML Developer

      Key Skills Required For Machine Learning Developer

      To become a seasoned machine learning developer, one should have sound knowledge of computer science fundamentals which include data structure, algorithms, computability, complexity, and computer architecture (memory, cache, deadlocks, distributed processing, etc).

      Data modeling and evaluation is another factor that a machine learning developer should be aware of. Data modeling is the process of calculating the underlying structure of a given dataset with the objective to find necessary patterns.

      A machine learning developer must know how to apply machine learning algorithms and libraries. Standard integration of machine learning algorithms are available through libraries, packages, APIs. Apart from this, machine learning developers should know programming skill, software designs, statistical skills, and ML programming.

      Hire Machine Learning Coders

      Top Artificial Intelligence Trends

      With the addition of the latest technologies, cloud-based artificial intelligence services powered by Java, Python and Ruby will be the revolutionary product in upcoming years. AI web development is costly, however, with cloud-computing, companies can use AI technology to offer AI products as their core services.

      Artificial intelligence will have a huge role in the transportation sector as well. Self-driving vehicles are the next big thing that World will see in the near future. Companies like Google, Tesla, and Uber have launched AI based prototypes of vehicles. The traditional transportation system will see a new phase when AI will be used effectively.

      AI will also play a big role in content creation. Many companies are creating content through AI-based applications for the betterment of their businesses. For example, tools like Grammarly helps eliminate the error and also help you with proofreading. Hence, we can say that AI-based applications have the ability to improve the quality of the content and also streamline the digital marketing process.

      Hire Dedicated AI Experts

      Top Machine Learning Trends & benefits

      Machine learning helps businesses in various ways to market their product or the services and make accurate sales assumptions. ML offers key benefits to the sales and marketing sectors such as massive data consumption from unlimited resources, analysis prediction and processing, internet past customer processing, and many more.

      Machine learning technology also plays a huge role in the healthcare sector. ML helps identify potential risk of patients and make adequate diagnosis based on that. It also suggests appropriate medicines and treatments needed for the patients. In this way, you get fast mitigation of diseases which results in improving patients’ health at minimal cost.

      Data duplication and inaccuracy are something that hurt big organisations that wanted to implement automatic systems for the data entry process. But, now, with machine learning, this problem is easily solved since Machines can perform large numbers of data entries without requiring humans to intervene.

      Hire Dedicated ML Experts

      Hire Dedicated Development Team From India

      Software programmers at AgencyMat help you maximise the utilisation of the latest technologies and frameworks, leading you to generate secure, responsive, fast, and scalable web-based applications. Our expert developers can craft custom solutions as per your needs. At AgencyMat, our developers have mastered the roadmap by developing desktop apps, social apps, real-time apps, web-portals, CMS, chatting apps, and many more.

      Massive Cost Saving

      It would be beneficial for the client to outsource AI/ML development to AgencyMat. This way, you can save big money during the project development and get a high return on investment from the project.

      Largest Talent Pool

      We have industry-specialist who have a proven track record of delivering high-end applications for businesses and clients across the globe. We have a multi-skilled team of software developers.

      Time Zone Advantage

      Our software services have reached across the globe. We are flexible enough to work according to your time zone. We can adjust our working hours in order to match the tight deadlines.

      High-quality development

      We never compromise with quality. Since information and technology flow parallelly, we ensure data security and build applications, which are the best examples of utilisation of excellent technologies and tools.

      Increase Productivity

      With AgencyMat, you will get multiple developers working on your project, which will help you accomplish the project in less time. This would result in less market time to reach for your application or service.

      Hassle-Free Project Management

      We have undergone many complex projects since the establishment. With AgencyMat, our clients remain fully conscious and relaxed throughout the entire development cycle. Our experienced PM works thoroughly on your project.

      Hiring Models We Offer

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Options | Monthly Billing Cycle | Large-scale Projects


      Team Selection Screening

      • Hire software developers that match your project requirements
      • Communicate with our software developers
      • Choose engagement model as per your convenience

      App Development

      • Carry out detailed discussion about your project with the developers & prepare project design
      • Receive timely project updates
      • Communicate with the project manager through Skype, calls & emails

      App Release

      • The flexible way to develop a feature-rich application
      • Generate first time right code
      • Deploy the application

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Channels | Monthly Billing | Large-scale Projects


      Project Details

      • Technical documents prepared
      • Fixed project deadline
      • Fixed project cost

      Agile Approach

      • Quick development process
      • Excellent agility
      • Streamlined process

      Project Timeline

      • High-end quality
      • Long-lasting commitment
      • Cost-effective

      No Additional Cost | Multiple Payment Channels | Monthly Billing | Large-scale Projects


      Additional Team

      • In-depth technology knowledge
      • High-quality development practices
      • Niche-specific development

      Onsite Team

      • Onside projects requires reviews
      • Business objective evaluation
      • Performance analysis

      Managed Team

      • Transparency & authorization
      • On-demand visits
      • Online dedicated team recruitment

      6 Steps to Hire Our Proficient AI/ML Programmer

      Provide all your project details such as time, budget, features, and functionalities to us, and we will choose the best-in-class team of AI/ML developers to accomplish your project effectively.


      Our Approach to Software Consultancy

      As a leading software development company in India, we put maximum effort into crafting result-oriented digital solutions.

      Top IT Talent

      AgencyMat is the fastest-growing IT company, having a team of dynamic web/mobile app developers and UX/UI designers.

      Time Zone Aligned

      Our software services have reached across the globe. We are flexible enough to work according to your time zone.

      Experienced Team

      We have qualified developers, designers, QA, PM, analytic experts with each one having a minimum of 4 years of experience in IT.

      What Our Client Says

      Hear what our clients have to say about choosing us for their digital requirements.


      Founder & CEO @ Samata Health


      Founder @ SMA Marketing

      Trusted by these brands

      Some of the world's leading brands have brought us their ideas—and we've turned them into amazing mobile and web applications. We earned their trust, and we welcome the opportunity to earn yours.

      Frequntly Asked Questions

      Is Machine Learning solutions development highly expensive?

      The cost for Machine Learning solutions depends on various factors. Mainly, it depends on the specific model that your business requires. Bring your project details to AgencyMat and our expert Machine Learning developers will explain the costing for your Machine Learning project.

      Do I really need a Machine Learning solution for my business?

      Machine Learning solutions are immensely helpful to the business that deals with large data sets and repetitive tasks. However, before opting for Machine learning, you must assess the type of data, volume of the data and tasks to be done. Hire Machine Learning consultants from AgneyMat to know more about how to develop your ML project.

      Is Machine Learning a Start-up friendly technology?

      Machine learning is the key component for automation. Nowadays, start-ups and small businesses heavily depend on ML algorithms to provide feasible solutions for their business queries. Therefore, Machine Learning can be considered as one of the most preferred technologies for Start-ups and enterprises.

      What are the advantages of Machine Learning?

      Following are some of the key advantages of Machine Learning:

      • Simplified product marketing
      • Sales forecast
      • Accurate spam detection
      • Product recommendations
      • Better customer segmentation
      • Adequate value prediction
      • No need of manual data entry
      • Easy spam detection

      Why should I hire a dedicated AI/ML development team?

      When you hire a dedicated AI/ML development team, you get multiple benefits such as:

      • Access to dedicated team of highly AI/ML developers
      • Total control over the project development
      • Quality assurance
      • Risk mitigation
      • A dedicated project manager to take care your project and team
      • No hidden charges
      • AI/ML developers will work as a part of your in-house team

      What is the best programming language for Machine Learning?

      Here is the list of top programming language used for Machine Learning:

      • Python
      • Prolog
      • Lisp
      • R
      • Java

      What services do your AI developers provide?

      We have recruited best-in-class AI developers who provide following services:

      • Machine Learning
      • Natural Language Processing
      • Natural Language Generation
      • Digital Virtual Agents
      • Image Processing
      • Decision Management
      • Robotic Process Automation
      • Knowledge Virtualization

      What are the benefits of AI for my business?

      Here are some of the key benefits that AI brings to the table for your business:

      • Increase sales
      • Efficient use of labour and capital
      • Streamline the hiring process
      • Enhance customer communication
      • Build brand image
      • Strengthen brand loyalty
      • Offers personalized experience
      • Real-time assistance
      • Enhance forecasting accuracy
      • AI unlocks opportunities

      What are the expertise of your Hire AI developers?

      We at AgencyMat follow agile methodology and lean approach while working on every project. Here’s how our AI/ML developers work:

      • Collect project requirements in detailed manner
      • Analyses client’s business
      • Devise strategy
      • Design UI/UX
      • Testing
      • Deployment

      Why should I hire AgencyMat for AI/ML development?

      We are a leading AI/ML development company. We have a team of expert AI/Ml developers who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in providing data-driven solutions. We have:

      • Clients in more than 10 countries
      • Extensive industry experience
      • Strict non-disclosure agreement policy
      • Time zone compatibility
      • AI-driven task monitoring
      • Easy team scale-up

      What are the industries that you serve?

      Our AI/ML development services have reached diverse industries such as:

      • Healthcare
      • Automotives
      • Publishing
      • Advertising
      • Logistics and Transportations
      • Media and Entertainment

      How can I integrate my application with AI?

      A RestAPI based url can be developed and integrated into the application. The process is also named as underneath ML implementation by passing the required parameters.

      What are your AI developer’s expertise and industry experience?

      At AgencyMat, we have a talented team of AI and ML developers who have extensive knowledge and years of industry knowledge in building futuristic software solutions using AI/ML. We create industry-best AI/ML solutions with desired features and seamless software performance. Average experience of AI/ML developers is four years. Hire well-versed AI/ML developers from us to prevail top-grade AI and ML development services to grow your business significantly.

      What are the costing factors for AI and ML based solutions?

      There are mainly two phase available that decide the costing factor for AI and ML based solutions:

      1. Building model, training model, testing model and hyper tuning

      2. Deployment model in production environment

      What if I am not satisfied with your AI and ML programmers and want to replace them at any point of development?

      We would be very sorry if that ever happens. However, with AgencyMat, we would not give you a chance to complain.If you are not satisfied with the performance of our developers, then we can arrange you a new one. You are free to conduct as many interviews you want before finalising the AI and ML developers.

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